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The United States Navy As with any branch in the Armed Forces, the Unites States Navy prepares each sailor for any situation they may find themselves in. They are well trained and able to become leaders or take command from others, and learn about weapons like all other soldiers. During Boot Camp, civilians begin training that will turn them into sailors, and there are many physical and mental hurdles each soldier must go through. The beginning of training starts with emergency training procedures, which is something that each soldier should be able to execute in any situation, no matter the division they belong to. Boot camp also teaches soldiers many of the lessons they will need for life in the Navy no matter where they are stationed, including: • Laws of Armed Conflict • Managements • Communication • Customs and Courtesies Soldiers going through boot camp also receive training on an M-16 and 12-gauge shotgun, including usage, maintenance and assembly and once knowledge is proven, each soldier uses these weapons on a firing range. At the end of training, each soldier will go through Battle Stations, where 12 different scenarios test out what has been learned throughout Boot Camp. Passing this course will ensure that each person is able to act under pressure and get the job done. No matter what division a solider belongs to, there is one thing that they have in common. They are able to follow orders or take leadership roles, and get the job done with the skills they have been taught. Many jobs within the Navy also accompany the United States Marines on missions, so it is important that all soldiers receive the proper training for any situation